A big impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic is that far more of us are now working from home. Ensure you maximise natural daylight in your home working environment – it’s good for your well-being says Crittall Windows…

The small office/home office (SOHO) trend has been growing for some time.With the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically impacting on how – and where – we work, it looks set to be an even bigger part of modern living.  Increased home working for more people will be the norm as the majority of businesses consider it to likely be a permanent feature. A survey of almost 1,000 firms by the Institute of Directors (IoD)* shows that 74% plan on maintaining the increase in home working. Over half planned to reduce their long-term use of workplaces.

While some companies are not likely to switch fully to home working, a smaller survey of bosses whose firms had already cut workplace use suggested 44% of them thought working from home was proving ‘more effective’. The BBC questionnaire** found that 24 firms did not have any plans to return workers to the office. Other studies have revealed that nine in ten workers who worked from home during lockdown want to continue in some form and suggest most people working from home are as productive, if not more.

Using natural light to define a space is a key element within a home’s design – and should be a significant consideration for your home working environment; whether it’s a home office, study, converted playroom, your bedroom, at the kitchen table or in a garden annex.

In broad daylight

Daylight flooding into workplaces, schools – and homes – has a positive impact on our daily lives, and that’s not just a vague feeling, it’s scientifically proven.

For example, the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine went to three American scientists working on understanding circadian rhythms – the 24-hour cycle also known as the internal body clock. Daylight suppresses the hormone inducing sleep and the ultraviolet wavelengths in natural light have a positive effect on the body’s immune system.

Daylight induces wakefulness, cognitive function, productivity, general health and healing. No wonder in a 2018 survey 80% of UK office workers said daylight was important to them. That applies to the SOHO setting too.

Feelgood factor

“Evidence suggests it’s important to have a feelgood factor inside your home. Our positive well-being depends on frequent exposure to light, and daylight is the most powerful way, especially during these times of the pandemic, with more of us working from home and creating a home office or working zone,” says Russell Ager, managing director of steel window and door manufacturer Crittall Windows.

“Our homes play a big part in our sense of well-being and their design; lighting and exposure to natural light through windows and doors really do impact.  Steel-framed windows are ideal with their inherent strength allowing large expanses of glass, elegantly slender frames and the slimmest of profiles.

“Passive daylight reduces reliance on artificial lighting which in turn reduces energy consumption while ensuring their occupants benefit from being inside.

The window is the most obvious component for assisting this design outcome.

“Its size, positioning, frame and glazing play a key role in the ‘collection’ and ‘distribution’ of natural light through the interior. It’s time to do away with daylight robbery!”

The hallmark of a Crittall window is the slender steel frame that is so much slimmer – and therefore admits so much more light – than alternative window systems which require far larger profiles due to the basic differences in the frame material and their relative strengths.

Adding bright, beautifully crafted walls of glazing and slim-profiled windows can reflect the timeless style of a period house, adeptly define spaces in a townhouse, minimalist urban loft, warehouse apartment or a self-build project. Glazing expanses within external walls give a greater sense of space and light to achieve a beneficial connection with the outdoors. When working at home a clear outdoor view of a landscape, garden, patio, trees or a park can be inspirational for that great creative idea – and good for our well-being

For a new extension, combining outdoor space with an internal area under structural glazing, removing barriers so you have a level threshold, or creating a courtyard with stunning full-length glazing, are great ways to achieve impact and add value to your property.

Lighten up the inside

A plentiful supply of natural daylight in to and throughout a building, combined with good insulation, adequate ventilation and acoustic control all form part of an elaborate jigsaw.

On-trend steel interior screens and sliding doors offer open plan living with a different dimension – so you can partition areas to create contemporary ‘zones’ including your homeworking area, without impacting light or space.

Crittall’s slim profile windows and Innervision internal glazed steel screens with sliding or hinged doors are designed for modern living, providing a sense of space without compromising aesthetics. Innervision’s understated beauty with clean lines, subtle detailing and excellent technical properties can transform your property.  Combining style with functionality, a distinguished-looking installation makes a wonderful talking point.                                   

Slim profile steel windows and partitions give a retro-look with a contemporary twist; ideal for a home office extension with a dramatic steel-framed glazed screen forming a light-filled area off the kitchen, or a partition from bathroom to bedroom.

Advanced glazing options mean bespoke steel framed screens maximise natural illumination without compromising your security. Cosy for comfort in the cooler weather, enhanced acoustic properties keep noise at bay.

Every iconic Crittall window, door and screen is tailored for each unique application, reinforced as authentic Crittall with the addition of a manufactured plaque which is factory-applied into the web of all opening windows and doors.

Crittall Windows offer a complete service from start to finish via their Crittall Specialist Partners (CSPs) – an appointed, dedicated and experienced network who offer a stress-free service from initial enquiry through to installation and                                             after-sales. They give free, no obligation, quotes and a warranty covering windows, doors, glass and installation.

Crittall Community Crittall has launched a Crittall Community for homeowners and renovators to display their installations and bespoke use of Crittall products.  A new area on its website provides an open platform for members (customers with Crittall windows, doors or internal screens installed) to share ideas and inspire each other, showcasing their installations, and reinforcing their customer journey from start to finish of their project.

An annual award will be given for the ‘Crittall Home of the Year’, which will be promoted via social media.  Full details are available at

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