Diamik is a manufacturer of innovative, unique and beautifully handcrafted surface materials. Our products are created from a desire to produce a high quality, sustainable surface from waste material that would otherwise go to landfill.

Diamik is the key name in sustainable work surfaces, all manufactured in the UK, by Diamik Glass. The team at Diamik have worked with recycled glass for many years, striving to produce high end decorative surfaces, that offer something entirely new to a vibrant market.

Manufactured from 100% recycled glass, our core product, is the only one of its kind to be manufactured on a commercial scale in the UK. With a wide choice of finishes and options this top of the range material makes a stunning worksurface and with the addition of LED lighting we can offer you a different coloured worksurface every day of the month with just a flick of the finger.

Following the product teaser launch at the Surface Design Show in 2018, our constant investment in new plant and equipment has raised production levels to meet the ever-increasing demand

More recently, Diamik have seized on the opportunity to produce a sustainable, recycled, UK manufactured work surface for the main stream. This new surface provides developers and installers with an ethical alternative to the many imported work surfaces that are available today. At its heart is a core of 85% recycled glass and other recycled aggregates that are sourced from postconsumer, construction or manufacturing processes.

The product longevity will deliver years of active use, then when you wish to have a design makeover, worksurfaces can be taken back and recycled into aggregate for new Eco-friendly work surfaces.

Diamik products are manufactured using the latest digital CNC machines giving an industry leading level of finish and quality.

The material is compatible with modern and traditional features, from profiled edges and drainer grooves to undermount sinks and flush mounted appliances. Recycled glass material is non-porous which makes the surfaces highly resistant to staining, and during its manufacture, an antimicrobial agent can be added to the surfaces. It never washes away hence it fights the growth of bacteria and germs for the lifetime of the worktops.

Diamik worktops are tough, hardwearing, scratch and heat resistant but above all are just beautiful to the touch and very appealing on the eye.

We manufacture surfaces for both domestic and commercial use and our materials have been installed in kitchens, bars, reception areas, serveries, retail counters, bathrooms and also fabricated into tables, vanities, wall panels and tiles. We are delighted that recently Diamik products were selected by BREEAM to provide plaques for developers to showcase buildings that have attained a high level of ecological integrity This underlines our firm belief that UK developers can now use sustainable products in place of imported mined surfaces and achieve very high standards in an ecologicalmanner.

Even so it’s just not all about the product, Diamik have invested in installation technology to ensure that the finished article meets the same exacting standards. We use the latest digital templating technology to make millimeter accurate measured drawings, which are converted directly into CNC machine language to cut the customers worktops perfectly. We even video the manufacturing process as a keep sake for our customers.

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