Refurb & Restore magazine was founded by MH Media Global Ltd. Since its creation, the magazine has matured into one of the key publications in the refurbishment, maintenance and renovation industry due to its circulation and revered content. The magazine serves not only to provide its readers with the most relevant products on the market, but also aims to enlighten its audience through well-researched, informative editorial content within the fastest moving sector in the building and design industry.

With a total circulation nearing 62,500 strong, the magazine is distributed to individuals and professionals within the refurbishment and renovation industry such as Builders, Refurbishment Contractors, RIBA Architects, House Builders, Property Developers, Housing Associations, Quantity & Building Surveyors, Local Authorities, Interior Designers, Shop-fitting Contractors and key decision makers within the Hotel, Sport and Leisure sector, who are undertaking major refurbishment and renovation projects to conversion, extension or improvement of an existing property.

The renovation and refurbishment industry represents almost 50% of the total building work undertaken within the UK. The market is forecast to increase by £3 billion in just a year, taking it from £46 billion in 2020 to £49 billion in 2023. To keep up with such a fast growing industry, it is extremely important to avoid getting left behind – by subscribing to Refurb & Restore magazine, it ensures that you are one step ahead of your competitor as you shall directly benefit from gaining increased insight and awareness as all of the editorial content is carefully sourced by our in-house Editor. The literature provides knowledge on the latest trends, upcoming products and industry developments.

Each advertisement that is placed within in the magazine is thoughtfully positioned in a certain feature, promoting cohesiveness and structure to the publication. In doing so, our readers are able to ascertain products quickly and efficiently. A hyperlink is also incorporated into the advert which serves to guide readers to the advertisers website. A full tracking facility is also available upon request of the advertiser in order to gain an understanding of ‘placement strategy’ ‘web hits’, and ‘reader interaction’.

Not only is the publication available in hard copy format, which is currently circulated to 12,845 readers, it is also reproduced digitally. Through producing the magazine in different mediums, we are able to target readers who prefer to remain loyal to the long-established printed edition, and also reach out to those who prefer to read the magazine’s content on their tablet, smartphone or computer.