As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of acoustic and thermal insulation Thermal Economics Ltd. offer an extensive range of acoustic solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

Our acoustic portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for all types of floor, from rubber mats used below screeds or as floor surface treatments to acoustic floating floors and structural deck applications.

The common factor in all of our products is Isorubber, this range of rubber mats is the bedrock of all of our acoustic solutions.

Isorubber products are dense rubber mats made from recycled, reconstituted waste rubber. There are numerous versions available, each consists of a different blend of rubber types giving them a unique density and hardness, designed to suit a given construction type or application.

The use of recycled rubber is not just good for the environment, it has many other benefits too. The elasticity of rubber provides excellent impact sound absorption properties and means that there is virtually no dimensional deformation or reduced resilience under load. In other words, there is almost no loss of performance over time and your designs keep working the way they should.

Isorubber products are also very dense, between 600 – 910Kg/m3, which helps to reduce airborne sound transmission, especially in lightweight floors.  Their high density provides an advantage over acoustic foam products which typically have low densities of between 20 – 35Kg/m3 due to their cellular structure. In fact, in some cases acoustic foams are made up of 90% air bubbles, as the air can escape over time these products have indeterminable long-term performance.

For domestic new build applications our product range offers a choice of six proprietary Robust Details. Robust Details are a set of approved designs that remove the need for pre-completion sound testing when registered and followed. Three of our Robust Details are proven to exceed Approved Document Part E requirements by a minimum of 5dB, this means that they automatically provide 3 CSH and BREEAM Multi-Residential credits upon registration.

We also have a wealth of experience in change of use projects on both timber and concrete floors, providing extensive field and laboratory testing that is available for refurbishment applications.

Thermal Economics has an experienced technical team on hand to assist in ensuring that the correct products are specified. We prides ourselves on our “conception to completion“ technical services, helping you every step of the way.

To find out more about our acoustic solutions please visit our website or contact our Sales and Technical teams on 01582 450814.