Add Colour to your Projects with Osmo

Give your wood the treatment it deserves with Osmo Interior Wood Wax Finish Intensive, or the Exterior Country Shades.

At Osmo we are wood product specialists and with over 140 years of expertise and knowledge we have developed our own natural wood finishes. We know what it comes down to in terms of wood products and finishes.

The Intensive Colours in the Wood Wax Finish range keep interior wooden surfaces nourished and in optimal condition. The product is ideal for finishing wall panelling, mouldings, furniture, and a coloured base coat for wooden flooring. It’s also popular for use on children’s toys!

Country Shades is an especially durable opaque exterior wood finish that’s water repellent and UV stable. The product is well suited to timber cladding, windows, fences, garden furniture and sheds.

Like most Osmo finishes, both products are based on natural ingredients, and once dry remain breathable and microporous. Finished Wood is able regulate its own moisture content naturally and swelling and shrinkage is reduced.

Osmo Oil finishes penetrate and nourish the wood keeping it healthy and flexible, while the dried coating resists cracking, peeling, and flaking. If maintained at the correct time, no sanding is necessary when spot repairing or topping -up.

Both finishes are extremely safe and once dry will have a finish that is safe for humans, animals and plants.

When it comes to the choice of colours you really are spoilt for choice. Both the Wood Wax Finish Intensive and Country Shades can be effortlessly mixed to any RAL, NCS, BS4800 colours using the Osmo Tinting System. Simply find your nearest Osmo MIX IN STORE stockist and get the product mixed in seconds!

Both ranges have an impressive coverage of up to 60m2 per 2.5L. It’s also possible to mix smaller 125ml sample tins to help you trial the colour to make sure you get the colour that is correct for you.

Whether you’re looking to start a new project or need a top up of your blended product, Osmo has you covered with the perfect wood care product no matter the project. Find out more at