Altro has launched three new complimentary flooring ranges, developed to deliver harmonious design possibilities and meet the needs of diverse areas. Each room in a building has different challenges.

Altro’s new flooring ranges draw from the same colour palette but offer different properties so you can mix and match to meet your needs, without compromising on style or performance.

Altro Operetta™ is a robust 2mm floor perfect for medium to high traffic areas such as corridors in hospitals, care homes or schools, patient rooms and retail environments. It has 25 attractive natural and contemporary colours and finishes to fit your interior design scheme.

Altro Orchestra™ is ideal for areas where comfort and sound reduction are important. Engineered to create the ideal environment to learn and live, this 2.85mm thick floor with 15db sound reduction offers comfort underfoot, making life easier on the feet of students, patients and hard-working staff. An even wider palette of 40 colours and designs varying from calming neutrals reflecting tones of nature to vibrant shades allow you to design the right atmosphere every time.

Altro Serenade™ is an acoustic floor, ideal for playrooms, hotel rooms, care homes or offices – anywhere where silence is golden. Whether softening the sounds of little feet or maximising privacy at work or leisure, Altro Serenade is up to the task. At 3.9mm thick with 19dB sound reduction, it also offers a high level of comfort underfoot. With 15 colour and design options, Altro Serenade matches and coordinates with Altro Operetta and Altro Orchestra.

Altro’s new ranges are colourful, easy to clean and compatible with each other. They are perfect for internal areas with low potential for spills from water, and can be combined with Altro safety flooring for areas prone to spills that have a high slip risk.

All three ranges also harmonise perfectly with Altro Whiterock™ hygienic wall cladding and the Altro Fortis™ wall, door and corner protection system, allowing you to create the look and feel you want, throughout.

All have industry-leading guarantees and the performance you would expect from Altro.

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