It does not matter what the theme of your project is a maze like a piece of jewellery can enrich the end result. It can be any scale and costs can be cleverly controlled.

Painting on grass for a Hat Fair Festival in Winchester, Hampshire celebrated aspects of history. One The St Giles Maze was on St Gile’s Hill. Children loved it and a deep story was told.

The Mary Maze in a church allows children to follow a journey with a finger. In the centre of Bath a special mosaic tells historical stories and the pathway is made from Bath Stone.Marble from same quarries used by Michelangelo for The Sistine Chapel.

The Beatles Maze won Premiere Prize at our only International Garden Festival and the bricks were sponsored by Blockleys and the submarine by Camell Laird.

Ibstock sponsored the bricks for The Kentwell Hall Maze,historic but practical access.

Lord Bath’s favourite maze is The Labyrinth of Love. On the surface a lovely rose garden but full of meanings to do with Love and part of the Weddings Facility offered at Longleat.

So any project can be enriched to link to special people; special topics and “the benefits of association” may lead to suppliers providing materials at low prices.



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