Average Brit happy to spend £1200 on FLOORING!

The average Brit will typically spend around £1200 on new flooring, at a cost of more than £37 per square metre, according to research from leading online flooring retailer Luxury Flooring.

Leeds-based Luxury Flooring have delved into their own sales data from the last 18 months to discover that the average person in the UK will spend £37.16 per square metre on new flooring when renovating their home, with the typical area needing to be covered being 31.78 metres squared.

With this data, Luxury Flooring have created an interactive map, which details the average spent in each region and county of the United Kingdom, with users also able to see a breakdown of orders of different types of flooring, including Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Parquet, Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

The top three areas willing to spend the most on their flooring overall are London (£1831.84), Wiltshire (£1492.48) and Suffolk (£1390.23). However, people in Norfolk typically order the most flooring per order, with the average quantity ordered covering 42.3 metres squared.

The Map has also revealed that across the UK an incredible 48% of orders placed with Luxury Flooring are for engineered wood flooring, making it by far the most popular option, 17% of orders are for laminate, 16% for solid wood, with 11% and 8% for parquet and luxury vinyl tiles respectively.

On the data, Luxury Flooring’s Managing Director Cameron Christie commented:

“This map is a great visualisation of people’s spending habits and preferences when it comes to our specialist subject…flooring!

“It’s really interesting to see a clear difference in people’s tastes, with it often depending on geographical location. For example, LVT is considerably more popular in Tyne & Wear than anywhere else, making up 24% of the area’s overall number of orders. By contrast, LVT made up just 3% of orders from Gloucestershire!”

Despite the data showing that parquet and LVT are the least purchased types of product, Luxury Flooring have seen an increase in sales since the start of the year. However, it is clear that engineered wood flooring is the favourite among consumers across the UK, with those in the South East most likely to purchase it (24% of total orders for engineered wood flooring).

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