Benif Interior Film on display at NEC

The NEC in Birmingham opened in 1976 with seven exhibition halls, now they have nineteen and hold some 500 events attracting over six million people every year. As part of their ongoing refurbishment programme, Benif Interior Film from David Clouting was specified to refurbish one of the many washroom facilities located throughout the exhibition halls.

Specialist contractor T6 totally transformed the washroom in under 7 days by covering the existing walls, cubicle doors and paneling with a selection of designs and finishes from the Benif Interior Film range.

An elegant marble design was used on the walls and a classic wood look for the cubicle doors matched with a grey metallic finish for the cubicle surrounds and paneling.

Benif Interior Film, manufactured by LG Hausys, is a self-adhesive, architectural film that can be easily applied to most interior surfaces, with over 400 designs and finishes to choose from walls, doors, paneling, skirting and architrave can be quickly refurbished to provide a stunning, cost effective finish.

Benif Interior Film is CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence for a wide range of applications.