Brisant Secure unveils the world’s most secure smart door handle and lock

British security authority Brisant Secure has developed one of the most robust smart door lock. The Ultion SMART is a piece of connected hardware homeowners can trust, as the dedicated team at Brisant Secure are security experts first and foremost.

From the outside of the door, Ultion SMART appears to be a traditional door lock/handle but the from the inside leading smart home technology, including voice activation and geo-unlocking, is packed into the device. Brisant Secure is aware that homeowners also like the traditional method of opening a door and that is why there is an option to use a real key as a back-up, something no other smart door lock is currently complemented with.

The fundamental job of a door lock is to keep intruders out. That is why Brisant Secure’s Ultion SMART offers uncompromised security. Through the robust Lockdown Mode, a hidden lock which activates when attacked, plus complex 11 pin internal system, with a potential 294,970 key combinations, Brisant can confidently boast that their locks come with the highest security accreditation possible. The Ultion lock has received industry accreditations including Sold Secure Diamond and Secure By Design, meaning it is backed by locksmiths and the UK police respectively. Not only that but the door lock comes with a £1,000 guarantee, the only smart door lock on the market to offer this.

In terms of smart home credentials, there are multiple ways to operate the Ultion SMART; voice controls with Amazon Alexa or Siri through Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth via an accompanying app, wireless keypad PIN access, or a traditional key. Brisant Secure has partnered with Danalock to create a handsfree operation that provides convenience and peace of mind.

Danish technology brand Danalock puts in place the military standard digital encryption through a complex algorithm. The connection between the lock and the user’s phone is also encrypted, while the digital keys authenticating Ultion SMART are stored in an HSM crypto-processing chip, so no private information is leaked.

Using GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the Ultion SMART can automatically unlock when a trusted user approaches the door, plus lock on close too. Users can even issue time-limited electronic keys, via the Danalock app, perfect for Airbnb hosts, letting in tradespeople, gardeners or dog walkers.

In regard to installation, homeowners can either retain existing external door hardware or select from one of Brisant Secure’s award-winning edgeless handles and design-led furniture collection (Sweet) with a choice of five finishes across numerals, knockers and plus letterplates to name but a few. The Ultion SMART connected door lock can be easily installed in minutes, with no drilling required and easy to replace batteries.

The user will be informed via the Danalock app when the battery starts running low, to change them simply pull the bottom of the case off without the use of screwdriver. The battery has an expected life of over a year and a half.

The Ultion SMART Bluetooth model is available to purchase for £229, whilst the Zigbee/Z-Wave model costs £259 and the Apple HomeKit version is £259. Available to purchase from


About Brisant Secure

Lock specialists first and foremost, Brisant Secure protects over 600,000 additional homes every year with its secure Ultion door locks. Brisant Secure’s products are all designed with prevention in mind. Here at Brisant we are serious about security, our range of performance products are not built not only to protect, but to look great too.

Founded in 2014, Brisant Secure has now developed a product portfolio that includes: Ultion, Ultion SMART, Sweet and Lock Lock.

For more information, visit the Brisant Secure website or connect with the smart home security experts via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.