Brook Barn

Rural Barn Conversion With Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors IQ Glass installed slim framed sliding glass doors onto the new garden office and glass link. The main requirement from the homeowners for this project was to create a garden office that could be merged with the garden in the summertime.

What is now the stunning garden, used to be a rural barn, which has since been upgraded due to the installation of these sliding doors. Zac Monro was the architect for this project who suggested our minimal window sliding glass door system after gaining inspiration from our The Garden House project.

Installing this system allowed IQ Glass to convert Brook Barn into a larger family home with a connected home office. It was very important to provide the maximum amount of natural light into the new garden office as possible to keep it well-lit throughout the day.

The slim framed sliding doors are the perfect solution with a sightline of only 21mm and large glazed panels to prevent any obstruction to light. Once opened, these sliding doors provide the perfect amount of ventilation in the warmer months and easy access to the garden and office space.

Reflective Glass was used as the cladding to the steel structure of the office. The mirror reflects the green gardens creating the appearance that the timber struts and supports were floating. The internal structure of this barn was kept as the homeowners wanted this to match with the rest of the home. These sliding doors provide the ideal contemporary addition to the more traditional home and allow the homeowners to relax and enjoy the sunshine in the summer whilst still being in a working environment.

IQ’s minimal window sliding glass doors were also installed onto the new glass link within the home, creating floor-to-ceiling glass façades. These 2 track sliding doors have been built with a connecting glass roof to maximise the natural light into the living area.

An indoor-outdoor living space has been created allowing the clients to use their internal and external living spaces throughout the year, maximising the use of the patio and garden.