Contractors Plaster Faster with HalftimeTM Plaster Accelerator

Need to plaster faster?  Waiting around too long on smaller plastering jobs?  Look no further than HalftimeTM Plaster Accelerator by Eazymix Ltd., designed to help plasterers do more in less time.

HalftimeTM reduces the setting time of finishing plaster by up to 60 minutes.  Specifically designed for smaller areas and patching jobs, HalftimeTM is simply added to clean water before the plaster is mixed, then applied as normal.

Designed and developed by Mark Shepherd, a plasterer with over 20 years’ experience, the proprietary chemical accelerator speeds up the gypsum crystal formation that causes gypsum plaster to set.

Mark Shepherd said

“There are certain jobs where there is actually more waiting around than plastering. I set out to develop something that was easy to use, inexpensive and speeded up the whole process, the result was HalftimeTM

HalftimeTM is sold in single use sachets with no measuring, testing or experimenting required and is available from Travis Perkins, Wickes, Buildbase, Plasterers One Stop Shop, and builders merchants nationwide.

Other products from Eazymix are available that help plasterers tailor the setting time of plaster for specific projects include, Extratime Plaster Retarder, Halftime 4Bonding and Halftime 4Drywall.