Controlling Noise During Refurb & Fit-Out

Whether you are working in a commercial building, shopping centre, leisure facility, school, hospital or another facility, it is essential that people onsite and nearby are protected from potential hazards, including Noise.

Excessive noise can make warnings harder to hear, interfere with communications and lead to a range of long-term medical conditions such as Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Depression.

Furthermore, failure to comply with the noise limits set by your local Authority could result in a Noise Abatement Notice being issued and work could be stopped altogether.


What is the Best Way to Control Noise on Site?

With works often being carried out in live environments, you may need to line the perimeter of the work area with high attenuation acoustic barriers to stop noise travelling outside. If you have particularly noisy activities on site, it may be better to contain them using a cutting enclosure, a machinery enclosure or an acoustic shroud.

What Noise Control Solutions are Available?

RVT Group are specialists in Noise Control and offer a wide range of equipment for hire:

Soundex® Acoustic Curtain (32.9dB noise reduction)

Soundex® Cutting Enclosure (with cutting deck & lighting)

Soundex® Machinery Enclosure

Soundex® Generator Enclosure

Soundex® Multi-Purpose Enclosure

Soundex® Maintenance Enclosure (on castors)

Best Practice Noise Control Resources:

Posters: Noise, Dust & Fume Control

Whitepaper: How to Control Noise from Site Equipment

Tool Box Talk: The Hazards of Uncontrolled Noise

Best Practice Noise Control

“Controlling Noise at Work Guidance” (L108)

About RVT Group

RVT Group is a specialist hire company with a team of fully qualified BOHS consultants. We work with you to understand the full scope of your activities on site before recommending a fully compliant health hazard control solution. If you would like to speak to a consultant, please call us on 0808 178 3286 or visit