David Clouting’s Interior Film Benif, is providing solutions for a wide range of applications and its popularity continues to grow.

Benif Interior Film manufactured by LG Hausys and distributed in the UK by leading surface material provider David Clouting, is an innovative self-adhesive, interior film that is growing in popularity, particularly for use in refurbishment applications.

Quick and easy to install, Benif Interior Film can be applied to almost any interior surface including: wood, metals, plasterboard, plastics and even melamine.

This enables feature walls, office doors, furniture, skirting and architrave to be attractively and quickly refurbished at a fraction of replacement costs.

Recent projects which demonstrate Benif ‘s versatility and range of applications include:

Weybourne Day Unit.
The Weybourne Day Unit in Norfolk provides an oncology and haematology service. The Unit’s team decided to use an interior film to cover the interior walls featuring artwork inspired by the flora and fauna of the surrounding area.
The decision to use an interior film was determined by a number of factors including; infection control, ease of cleaning and fire safety”

After testing a range of films, Banif was selected, according to Project Coordinator Emma Jarvis, “because it not only passed a robust bleach test but the quality of the colour of the film was significantly better than the others we tested, it was also thicker, easier to apply and had better adhesion qualities “

The Compton Cross

The Compton Cross formerly known as Molly Moggs, a legendary pub and cabaret venue in Soho, was refurbished by the new owners who wanted to retain its character while developing it into a more stylish cocktail bar.

Benif Interior Film was utilised to ‘wrap’ around strips of PVC board to frame the mirrored areas which feature extensively throughout the bar and seating areas.

Benif’s flexibility ensured that even the rebated edges of the PVC frames did not present a problem, creating a seamless smooth finish.

The Pixel Business Centre

The Pixel Building in Essex was refurbished using 90% recycled materials.

Benif Interior Film was specified to refurbish 50 old wooden doors featuring metal and glass portholes and also to give a smooth seamless finish to the reclaimed plywood used for the buildings’ cafe walls, bar area and the washroom/toilet block walls.

Benif Interior Film provides the perfect finish, even to curved or complex shapes, it’s easy to apply, clean, is hardwearing and remains stable when exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures.

Available in a range of over 400 designs and finishes, Benif Interior Film is CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence.

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