Earthborn doubles silicate colours

Exterior masonry is probably the toughest test of all for a paint. It needs to be durable and weatherproof, as well as good looking – and not all masonry paints were born equal. Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint is a highly durable, breathable and weather resistant mineral paint.

Earthborn believes its Ecopro Silicate Masonry System is the most advanced masonry paint available and in response to a growing demand, it is increasing the colours available from 24 to 48, offering plenty of choice.

The system comprises a primer and paint, which together form a chemical bond with the underlying mineral substrate. The result is a very hard wearing but highly breathable barrier, which prevents moisture damage within walls.

Now, both the primer and all of the 48 paint colours are available in 100ml tester pots, so the whole system can be tested on site. The new colour card and tester pots can be ordered from the Earthborn website.

Conventional acrylic based paints may stop rain driving into a wall but they also create a barrier that stops moisture escaping. It’s widely recognised that unless a wall can breathe through the paint there will be a build up of moisture within the wall, causing blown paint and plaster or render.

Being water based and free of oils and acrylics, Ecopro silicate paint is virtually VOC and toxin free. That means it is very environmentally friendly and better for the health of decorators.

It’s a simple three-coat system: a primer followed by two paint coats (the first diluted with 10-20% primer). The system can be used on any porous mineral surface such as stone, brick, concrete, harling, plaster and render.

If a wall has been painted previously, the preparation differs depending on the type of paint used. For limewash, all that’s required is a good scrub to get rid of any loose paint. Ecopro silicate will happily bond with limewash.

The system was just what Grade II Listed Moreton House in Bideford needed. Owner Helen Phillips said: “Cement repairs, vinyl paints and a sprayed-on acrylic render coating had caused a lot of damp to build up inside the walls.”

Helen added: “We replaced some of the external render with lime and to cover it we needed a highly breathable paint. Earthborn’s Silicate Masonry Paint gives the breathability the walls need and it has a much longer life than the alternatives.”

A listed north Devon home described by Pevsner as a late medieval hall house also benefitted from a makeover with Earthborn’s silicate masonry paint.

The Grade 2* listed property was built around 1550 and is notable for its 17th Century plasterwork. It was lovingly restored over 10 years by its previous owners, who limewashed it inside and out. Current owner Simon Clarke decided to investigate alternative options.

He said: “The house is built of Devon cob, a clay soil based building material and the walls are lime plastered internally. It’s important that these old, natural walls can breathe, to prevent damage caused by moisture build up. So I needed breathable paints inside and out, but I didn’t want to use limewash again. I wanted to create a more contemporary feel, use a wider palette of colours and avoid the regular repainting that’s needed with limewash.”

Simon’s research drew him to Earthborn paints, which can be used straight over existing limewash. He selected Earthborn’s Ecopro Silicate Masonry system for the external walls.

Earthborn conservatively states a lifespan of 15 years for the Ecopro Silicate Masonry System but fully expects applications to last much longer. There are buildings painted with silicate paint more than 80 years ago, which are still in excellent condition.

Look for inspiration on Earthborn’s Instagram page @earthbornpaints and kick-start your project by ordering a free Silicate Masonry Paint colour card showing the new enlarged range of 48 colours and 100 ml tester pots of primer and paint – all available from the Earthborn website.