Garador have introduced a new and improved side-hinged garage doors range, specifically designed for modern homes where garages are often used for storing garden equipment, bicycles and tools.

In addition to its robust and versatile design, the improved range has been engineered with a variety of new features. An upgraded 2-point locking system means that the door is securely closed with two shoot-bolt latches which engage at the top and bottom of the fixed leaf. Weatherproof rubber seals are built into the door frame to prevent drafts and an aluminium threshold at the foot of the door also blocks the flow of air that can pass underneath the door.

The door is supplied pre-framed for a quick installation and is suitable for between brickwork fixing. Concealed hinges mean there are no hinge knuckles protruding above the surface of the door; giving a seamless appearance across the door panel and being less exposed and susceptible to burglars. There are door stays positioned at the top of the garage door frame next to each door leaf, helping to keep the door open and prevent it from blowing closed in blustery conditions. Furthermore, gas pistons are employed as dampeners, ensuring a smooth, cushioned movement as the door is pulled or pushed to a close.

The improved range retains a fundamentally simple and easy to use design, with two outward opening door leaves and a black plastic lever handle which has the often overlooked benefit of being easy to open even when you have your hands full; perfect for garages that are being used to store more cumbersome tools or gardening equipment.

There are 19 side-hinged door models to choose from, as well as a wide range of colours and materials like steel, timber and grp. This includes two new steel door models, the Ascot and Windsor, both of which are recognised for their remarkably modern appearance.

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