Garador, one of the UK’s first garage door manufacturers to start using a renewable power source for its factory, has announced that its solar based energy system is outperforming all expectations.

Last summer, Garador installed a vast array of 1600 solar panels on the roof of its Somerset factory as part of the company’s long-term strategy to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The latest reports coming in now show that even during the winter months, Garador’s new renewable energy system has been steadily outperforming predictions and expectations.

Garador’s Managing Director, Jon Watson says: “With the latest figures in, we are delighted to see that our solar energy system is continuing to make a strong contribution to our power requirements.

“With the strong benefits of helping to reduce our carbon footprint and also keeping our overall manufacturing costs down; without doubt our plan last year to invest in solar energy was the right decision,” said Jon.

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