Get designs, guidance and budget-planning help.

Major home renovations are full of obstacles. Designs, planning, contractors, materials, project management, it can add up to a headache. Which is why many people are turning to architects to help them and Architect Your Home offer a service that has been specifically designed for home renovation projects.

A Helping Hand

From initial thoughts to firm designs, submitting plans for the necessary permissions, sourcing both contractors and materials, and then the never-ending questions that is project managing, there is a lot to consider. Budgets frequently spiral and get out of control, even with a built-in buffer. It’s no surprise that thousands of people lean on architects to help them, but what kind of assistance can they get?

Architect Your Home are aware of the minefield that conversion and renovation can be and have developed an approach that will guide you through it. Architect Your Home believe that the first, most important first thing to do when you are about to undertake a building project of any size is to get professional independent advice from the outset so that you understand all the various aspects that are involved.

This is why they set up their initial design visit and consultation, to provide an opportunity for people to access the knowledge and expert skills of an architect so they could find out what can realistically be achieved within their particular parameters, whether those are design requirements, budget constraints, planning issues, structural difficulties etc.

Getting the home you want.

During a visit to your home, their experts will help you translate your ideas to paper to show you how your project will truly look, and they problem-solve as they go, so no issues remain unturned. They then take these design solutions and turn them into submittable plans so you can get those all-important permissions.

With over 20 years’ experience and over 8,500 completed projects, Architect Your Home know how vital it is to set a budget and stick to it and so the designs they produce correspond to what funds you have to spend. It is no use having an incredible design that you can’t afford to build it.

They also handle the tendering process and ensure all potential contractors are quoting for exactly the same job, getting rid of scope creep and eradicating misunderstandings.

Architect Your Home offer a flexible service, ensuring you have the right level of drawings, information and support so you can then take it the rest of the way yourself. But if you’ve got a busy life, you can also opt for project management, with fully-qualified architects drawing up agreements with set timescales and costs for builders. This ensures there’s no overlap, no pausing works because the plaster isn’t dry when the painter arrives.

Clarity and understanding are vital when undertaking a building project that is why Architect Your Home provide a customer on-line portal that will let you check documents, see what is happening next and which invoices have been delivered and paid.

Their expertise covers all kinds of home project, from standard extensions to loft conversions, side returns to new builds. Their reputation is built on making their customers dreams become reality. Call now to find out how to get the very best in home design on 0800 051 5304 or visit

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