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Total Coating Systems:

Total Coating Systems is a trust-worthy and reliable company that can supply you with the greatest spray equipment in the country; and give you all the help you need to maximise your efficiency.

TriTech These are the latest and greatest entries into the professional airless paint spraying market.

 ASI Apollo HVLP will never let you down if you require a professional and efficient coating. Efficient spray units that painters and decorators can’t afford to miss!

TriTech Electric Airless Pumps

The Tritech’s sleek and practical design makesit a must have product for anyone working in the Painting and Decorating trade. It’s made entirely out of raw material sourced and manufactured in the USA and boasts a lifetime warranty on the motor and drivetrain. We supply a range of Pumps starting from the Tritech T5 to the Tritech T9.

Apollo HVLP Turbines

The Apollo definitely earns its name… It’s guaranteed to maximise your work-rate and efficiency on the job. It has a high transfer efficiency; average of 40 percent paint savings! Continuous clean, dry air combined with excellent atomization and rapid drying makes it a great spray system to get your hands on.