You can bring unique, bespoke, exquisite art into the heart of the home with a personally commissioned splashback by Glassification.

Whatever your style, Glassification will create a piece that is both beautiful and practical, made to measure, to your own design specification.

The kitchen is often the one room where art is absent – or is a compromise to the practicalities of an environment where canvas or paper would not survive. Glass overcomes this by its very nature, and has a special quality that brings light and life into the room.

If you already have an idea in mind, Glassification can make it real within 6 weeks. But if you need some help deciding on your perfect design, take a look at our web gallery and be truly inspired.

A splashback from Glassification is a small investment that makes a big statement. Art that works – for you.

Telephone: 020 8720 6824