Greener future for energy in rural locations

Working on a project off the mains gas grid? No problem, you can still opt for gas. LPG is an alternative off-grid fuel that can be used in the same types of space and water heating systems and it’s equally suitable for use with high efficiency condensing boilers.

Legislation such as the government’s Clean Growth Strategy is driving further limits on the levels of noxious emissions that any energy-generating appliance can emit. LPG has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 11.7% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil – ensuring cleaner burning and cleaner air.


More sustainable and cost-effective

Calor has recently launched BioLPG into the home energy market, and plans to make the fuel more readily available for commercial applications in due course. Available exclusively from Calor it is chemically identical to conventional LPG but created from renewable, ethically sourced feedstocks.

For architects and specifiers, the fact that BioLPG is chemically identical means it is a drop-in fuel, so in the future, there won’t be the need for customers currently using LPG to invest in new equipment or appliances.

BioLPG offers even lower CO2 emissions – up to 38 per cent lower, depending on the proportion of waste materials used in the fuel – without reducing performance.

In addition, high efficiency LPG boilers can be up to £900 cheaper than purchasing a new replacement oil boiler, plus, when switching from oil to LPG there is usually no need to change internal pipework or radiators, helping to save cost for the end customer.


Support every step of the way

Backed by a well-established supply infrastructure throughout the UK – with Calor positioned as the UK’s largest LPG supplier – LPG offers a viable alternative to those looking to switch from oil.

Specifiers and Architects can also benefit from Calor’s free site survey option where Calor’s specialist engineers will survey the customer’s site, without any obligation, advice on planning and provide a quote. Calor has recently launched its new RIBA-approved CPD seminars suitable for Architects and Specifiers which would give them insight on where and when to specify LPG and BioLPG.

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