Happy under an awning heaven

Made-to-measure sun protection ensures a cosy atmosphere on balconies and patios

When the sun is shining, it literally draws us outside because its warmth gives us energy and makes us feel good. But it’s not long before we start looking for a shady place. And awnings are genuine all-rounders when it comes to providing shade. They offer made-to-measure protection from the heat and the damaging UV rays of the sun and furthermore ensure we can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere well on into the evening.

There are an incredible number of folding-arm awnings available today to suit every taste and wallet: from small to large, with a permanently visible cover or with a protective cassette all round. In addition, a quality awning can be manufactured to suit the dimensions of every balcony and patio. Expansive patios can also be fitted with several awnings of one type and be provided with shade with one continuous sun protection cover.

Stylish design is a decorative feature on every house wall

It is not only the size which can be chosen freely. With top-quality awnings you also have the choice between different shapes, colours and cover designs. The awning thus becomes an individual design element on a building. And if you fancy a change of colour after a few years, a specialist can swap your awning cover in a flash. An additional advantage of the awnings is that they are hardly visible when the cover is rolled away because they are smartly attached either to the wall or under an overhang. With extras such as wind and sun monitors they automatically provide protection against the sun, even when you are not at home. This means that the adjacent rooms remain pleasantly cool.

Textile roof ensures cosy atmosphere

The cover designs range from colourful to neutral and also provide a beautiful light under the awning cover ensuring protection against the sun’s UV rays with high-quality fabrics. A further benefit: under a textile roof, the air remains warmer longer so you can stay outside and enjoy the evening air in the summer months – especially with awnings with cleverly integrated LED lights. Furthermore, some models from awning specialist markilux are also fitted with an additional “shadeplus awning” which can be tilted downwards at the front to stop the sun shining in your eyes as well as provide extra privacy. This also ensures a cosy atmosphere. And if you can then control the awning with an app through the building automation system, all that is left to do is lean back and relax, and enjoy the summer under your awning heaven.

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