Ilumitex is an innovative PVA dry flake paint system, providing well defined multicolour flake combinations, that create stunning interior wall covering solutions. Using water based environmentally friendly paints, Ilumitex produces a highly decorative and seamless wall texture, creating stunning visual effects. The multitude of colour flake combinations provided by Ilumitex has the potential to totally transform any space.

Ilumitex can be applied to many different surfaces and materials. It is perfect for creating unique and customised wall decorative solutions, that are bespoke and tailored to your needs. Available in several ranges and providing options from subtle paint effects to luxurious glitters, Ilumitex is the textured wall paint system of choice for architects and interior designers.

In addition to providing impressive visual results, Ilumitex is hard-wearing and highly durable, with a life expectancy spanning over ten years. As a low maintenance and cost-effective decorating solution, it provides significant savings based on reducing the need for future redecoration programmes. Given its hard-wearing properties, Ilumitex is particularly suitable for high traffic interior environments.

Ilumitex application follows a comprehensive four stage process. A standard paint surface preparation is followed by a base coat application of an Ilumitex water-based formulation. The flake blend is sprayed using an Ilumitex gun. A finishing clear lacquer is then applied to ensure a durable finish, with the option of an anti-graffiti lacquer.

The final coat of lacquer provides a comparatively smooth and easy to clean surface.  The Ilumitex paint flake system is low odour during and following application and as the finish is seamless, there is no shrinkage.

Ilumitex is a bespoke, flake paint wall covering system that provides strong visual appeal and creates impact. The many benefits provided by the Ilumitex system make it a very attractive professional wall decorating solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Ilumitex is manufactured in the UK by Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd., a family-owned business established in 1978, specialising in wall coatings.

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