Keep the Weather at Bay with Evolution Storm Windows

The British weather often causes havoc with the outside of our homes. Rain, wind, salt spray, frost and snow frequently come to do battle with our windows throughout the autumn and winter season. Old windows may rattle and the paint can start to crack and peel. Even much-needed rays of sunshine can cause traditional, white paintwork to yellow.

Evolution has created a solution to this problem with their next generation Storm Windows: beautifully designed, highly energy efficient, incredibly secure and virtually maintenance free.

Storm windows have been designed to endure our changeable weather conditions. Evolution’s PVCu timber alternative finish emulates the richness and depth of real timber, but without the regular upkeep needed for wooden windows. Instead of time-consuming sanding and painting, they only require an occasional quick wipe down to keep them clean.

Particularly important in winter, Storm windows offer exceptional thermal performance with an outstanding A+13 energy rating and a U value of 1.3, which will help save on energy bills. For even more exceptional energy efficiency, it’s possible to upgrade to triple glazing.

Evolution has chosen the paint used for Storm Windows to ensure remarkable longevity and exceptional resistance. With added protection against salt and UV light, their paint supplier has upped the ante against the elements and has created a product that is more environmentally friendly, yet will never yellow with age.

Not only will your home feel warmer and look beautiful, but Storm windows will also keep you safe and secure on winter evenings. An array of innovative security features, as well as easy escape egress hinges, have been tested to British and European Standards and cleverly incorporated into the design.

Evolution Windows & Conservatories Group specialise in timber alternative PVCu products. We employ traditionally skilled craftsmen, as well as technicians, in our Bedfordshire factory, to ensure exceptional quality. Our retail partners will handle your purchase. They will arrange a survey to assess the exact measurements and allocate an experienced team to carry out the installation. Storm windows are priced from £500 excluding installation.

For further information visit or call 0800 773 4045