Leading the way in lighting installation and maintenance

Challenger Lighting are a market leader in lighting maintenance and installation with over 20 years experience in delivering professional services to clients in the retail, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors.

With capabilities extending across the full project life cycle, Challenger begin with a comprehensive on-site audit and deliver support throughout design, product specification, and installation. Clients also have the option of a scheduled or on-demand lighting maintenance plan to ensure their system always operates to its optimal level.

Its extensive knowledge and experience in the lighting industry, aligned with a team of fully trained engineers, allows Challenger to deliver high-performance lighting systems for all types of projects and environments.

Whether a refurbishment or new development project, Challenger gain a deep understanding of client needs to deliver solutions that extend beyond standard lighting. In addition to improving the quality of lighting, it’s important to enhance the design of a building, structure, or interior space and there are three key areas of focus the team at Challenger incorporate into their lighting designs:


Particularly relevant in hospitality and retail, where the visual impact and balance that lighting brings to an environment impacts how people feel when they enter and move around in it.

The right light is essential in creating the right atmosphere and ambience.


In addition to how it looks, the lighting must fulfil its main function of helping people to see. Lighting creates a feeling of reassurance and safety by making buildings or interiors easy to navigate and it can also used to accentuate the design elements of fashion products in the retail sector.


Sustainability forms of major element of Challengers operations and is integral to the design of lighting solutions for all projects. Energy-efficient LED lighting is an effective way of delivering high quality light with a low energy consumption, particularly important when illuminating large areas for prolonged periods.


As an independent business, Challenger has established relationships with many leading manufacturers and can incorporate the latest innovations into their lighting designs to deliver the perfect balance between efficiency and light quality.

High-performance LED COB’s with 10 Year guarantees, or lithium batteries with enhanced safety and energy savings are examples of innovations that regularly feature in lighting systems to drive continuous improvements and energy efficiency.

Developments in technology have enabled Challenger to develop a proprietary IT system capable of controlling installed systems and being tailored to an individual client. Engineers can immediately record any maintenance activity on site using smart phones, providing clients with real-time data on their system performance and contributing to time and cost savings. The system is available around the clock, allowing clients to interrogate their system performance and make informed investment decisions at their convenience.

The integration of Bluetooth technology into system design delivers significant benefits to both financial and energy considerations. Bluetooth has an ideal combination of features suited to lighting control and developments in the performance of many lighting components and their integration into intelligent LED luminaires provides opportunities to drive efficiencies.

Another technological development is the integration of smart controls into lighting systems, which changes they way lighting systems are maintained, by increasing the useful life of luminaires, improving energy efficiency and reducing waste.

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