One of the major changes in the revised Part L Building Regulations is that new build and heavily renovated properties must be designed to be adequately heated with a flow temperature of no more than 55⁰C. Whilst this is often associated with Heat Pumps, it does not preclude the use of gas boilers. Many home-owners and developers are now re-designing their properties to stay warm even at the lower flow temperatures required by the New Part L standards. In effect, they are making their home ‘future proof’.

Ostensibly this is so that even if properties are installed with traditional boilers and radiators, they are considered to be ‘heat pump ready’ as and when the boiler is replaced.

For example;  Barratt developments are trialling many new technologies including Waste water heat recovery, air source heat pumps and Skirting Board Heating. Read more

Oversized Radiators vs UFH vs ThermaSkirt

Inevitably oversized radiators create problems for developers and homeowners alike especially in renovation projects as wall space and a ‘clean look’ is a desirable factor has prompted developers to look at alternatives to wall mounted panel rads.

Underfloor heating (UFH) has been typically the go-to alternative to radiators, especially under hard surfaces such as tiles and marble.

UFH however, can create issues for developers due to bottlenecks in the construction program, and the restriction on final floor coverings etc.


In a renovation project UFH is often practically impossible and very expensive to retrofit with major upheaval to the existing building.

ThermaSkirt Skirting Heating however offers the simplicity, rapid response and ‘above ground’ accessibility of a radiator, without the obtrusive aesthetics nor the impact on floor covering or construction.

All new residential buildings, including homes, care homes, student accommodation and children’s homes, must also be designed to reduce overheating, making sure they are fit for the future and protect the most vulnerable people. Improvements to ventilation will also be introduced to support the safety of residents in newly-built homes and to prevent the spread of airborne viruses in new non-residential buildings.

They will raise standards and are an important step towards a cleaner greener built environment, paving the way for the Future Homes and Buildings Standard in 2025, which will mean all future homes are net zero ready and will not need retrofitting.

A bedroom in the Barratts Z House fitted with ThermaSkirt.

ThermaSkirt combines the heating & skirting boards in one.

ThermaSkirt – the Skirting Board that Heats your Home

With more than 76,000 systems successfully installed, many in arduous and difficult applications such as the NHS and Student Accommodation, the system has proven itself to be robust, reliable and above all energy-efficient.

The product has been installed in many older and even listed buildings as the product is available in a range of styles and colours to blend in with the existing architecture.

Discrete Heat are now supplying several major developers with ThermaSkirt for their new build & renovation projects – on heat pumps, boilers and where appropriate direct electric.

Of particular benefit is the ability of ThermaSkirt to operate over a wide range of temperatures – from 35~75⁰C without issue. This means that even if a traditional boiler is installed, with the use of weather compensation it is possible to operate the system as low as is adequate and as high as is necessary to heat the property.

This is especially useful when ensuring a property is ‘heat pump ready’ but still complies with the Future Homes Standard.

What Next?

Simply send us a set of floor plans. If you have the heat loss calculations or U values for each element, even better.

DiscreteHeat will produce a complete design and costing proposal for your project, broken down room by room with heat outputs, pressure drop and flow rates.