Molly Chandler, Designer at Willis & Stone unveils her expert insights on perfecting kitchen storage

Key Considerations: Everything in its place 

The kitchen is probably the most hardworking room in the home, and we ask a lot from it, including the storage of a multitude of items and gadgets, from crockery and cutlery to bread makers and coffee machines. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to consider the storage needs of your own family and lifestyle at the beginning of a kitchen project.

Pictured above from left to right: Basalt Georgian Shaker from £15.000. French Grey & Lamp Black Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

As a starting point, it makes sense to think about your current or last kitchen and what did or didn’t work storage-wise. Did you have enough space for storing awkward items such as tall pasta jars? Was it a pain to get those weighing scales out from the corner cupboard every time you needed them? Think about items you use regularly so that easy access can be factored into the design. Consider any particularly large items such as appliances, which may require tall housing units to be built into the plan.

Pictured above from left to right: Tracery II 78 Georgian Shaker from £15,000. French Grey Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Everyone uses their kitchens differently and storage needs for a keen cook or baker may be different from those of a busy family with young children. Therefore, lifestyle also needs to be factored into the decision-making process. A keen cook may decide on open shelving or dressers to store cookbooks, whereas a large family may need larger appliances such as fridges and freezers for groceries. Customised cabinets, pull-out shelves, and built-in organisers optimise space and cater to individual preferences. Multi-generational living is also on the rise, and homes with multiple generations will require versatile storage solutions to accommodate various cooking styles, preferences, and dietary needs.

Pictured above: Obsidian Green Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

While perhaps less glamorous, an essential aspect to consider is the inclusion of bins in your kitchen design. Incorporating pull-out waste and recycling bins not only contributes to maintaining a neat and organised kitchen but also enhances practicality. A strategic placement, such as under the worksurface or within the island unit where food prep occurs, ensures easy disposal of vegetable peelings and other waste directly into the appropriate bins, streamlining the clean-up process.

Pictured above: Basalt Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Drawers or Cupboards: Which is best?

In terms of storage, drawers are most efficient and not opting for enough drawer sets is a common mistake. Drawers allow you to use every layer of the available space, rather than stacking multiple items. Items can often be accessed much easier than a cupboard and using drawer organisers will keep utensils, cutlery, and small kitchen tools neatly separated making items easy to find.

Pictured above from left to right: French Grey & Lamp Black Georgian Shaker from £15,000. Slaked Lime Deep & Serpentine Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Pictured above from top to bottom: Basalt Georgian Shaker from £15,000. French Grey & Basalt Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Large pantries and back kitchens are also regaining popularity and if you have the room, both offer brilliant extra storage space. Accessible shelving and pull-out baskets are great for making pantry items visible and easily accessible, whereas back kitchens provide a convenient extra space for storage of larger kitchen essentials such as food mixers, jam pans and larger serving dishes, which are perhaps only used on special occasions.

Pictured above from top to bottom: Juniper Ash Georgian Shaker from £15,000. French Grey & Lamp Black Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Pictured above: Slaked Lime & Lamp Black Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Precision Placement: What to put where

Consider the convenience of accessing kitchen items by placing them close to their corresponding usage areas. For example, plan storage around the placement of appliances to streamline the cooking process by positioning pots, pans and utensils near the hob or cooker. Store baking sheets and mixing bowls close to the food prep area and place plate cupboards or drawers in proximity to the dishwasher or serving area. This thoughtful arrangement will help to enhance the flow in the room so that in shared family spaces, there is less chance of entanglement with other family members. Storing items in the areas where they are regularly used, will mean everyone in the family can easily find what they need and use the space efficiently and without irritation.


Pictured above: Invisible Green Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

Maximise Kitchen Storage

This is often crucial in smaller kitchens and there are several ways to still ensure plenty of storage, however modest the space. Try exploring multi-functional furniture; for example, if you have seating in the room, consider banquettes with under-seat storage. If you like the look, hanging pot racks are also a good option and not only save cupboard space but can also add a decorative element to your kitchen. Consider adding quality storage racks to the back of cabinet doors to make the most of every inch of cupboard space.

Pictured above from left to right: Obsidian Green Georgian Shaker from £15,000. Juniper Ash Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

In any size of kitchen, tall cabinets or shelving can also be used to make the most of vertical space. High-level cupboards are great for items that you don’t use daily, like small appliances, cook or serve ware. Customised breakfast cabinets are also very popular now and can include storage for coffee machines and toasters as well as cereals, bread and crockery. Simply shutting the doors makes for a clutter-free space when breakfast is finished, and they can be located close to the seating area for easy access.

Pictured above from top to bottom: French Grey & Basalt Georgian Shaker from £15,000. Slaked Lime Deep & Serpentine Georgian Shaker from £15,000. Pompeian Georgian Shaker £15,000.

Tips for Staying Organised and Clutter-free

Declutter your kitchen regularly by assessing kitchen items and donating or discarding items that are broken or no longer used. It’s also a good idea to anticipate future storage needs by designing flexible solutions that can adapt to changing lifestyles. Think about storage for small appliances, technology integration, and potential changes in the household. Tech-savvy individuals may need storage solutions for kitchen gadgets, charging stations, and the integration of smart appliances. Consider incorporating hidden outlets and dedicated spaces for electronic devices. By carefully considering these aspects during the planning phase, you can create a kitchen that is not only functional and stylish but also provides efficient storage solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Pictured above: French Grey & Lamp Black Georgian Shaker from £15,000.

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