Monarch Water adds to its range of sustainable water softeners

Maintaining its position at the forefront of innovation, Monarch Water has continued to build on its longstanding reputation for producing innovative solutions to the problems hard water causes.

With 60% of UK households sited in hard water areas and just 6% benefitting from a water softener, limescale is a huge problem for thousands of homes and businesses countrywide. It’s not just the cosmetic issues that need to be considered, but the hidden damage that mineral deposits found in hard water can cause inside boilers and other household appliances such as showers, dishwashers and washing machines, once heated.

An average size family can accumulate a staggering 70kg of limescale a year, which clings to heating elements inside appliances, making them work harder and more costly to run. In fact, according to British Water, just a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element makes it up to 12% less effective and significantly decreases its working life.

Tackling the negative effects of hard water during maintenance processes, or refurbishment and renovation projects by fitting a water softener will add serious kerb appeal for prospective buyers. Additionally it will offer landlords greater protection against the cost of repairs caused by the damage limescale causes.

Installing a sustainable solution to limescale, such as Monarch Water’s range of High Efficiency water softeners, will not only prevent limescale from forming inside pipes and appliances, but will remove any existing scale – offering whole house protection. They are also compatible with any type of boiler, which means every hard water home or business can reap the benefits that softened water brings.

All units in the HE range are easy to install thanks to the Hi-flow Rapid-Fit bypass, which removes the need of 80% of equipment previously needed to install a water softener. Installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect the hoses to the softener for quick and easy installation.

The latest innovation from Monarch Water is the Ultimate Matrix, which joins its HE range of sustainable water softeners. The new 30-litre model, which is ideal for large residential or small commercial applications, is the ultimate solution for tackling limescale.

Building on the strength of the existing range and featuring all its benefits, the new model measures 1038h x 270w x 485d. Its high-efficiency capacity of 5,500 litres at 300ppm between regenerations makes it ideal for large families of between 7 to18 people as well as small businesses.

Just like its counterparts, the Ultimate Matrix conserves water through its Opti-Brining® technology, which means that the unit only regenerates when needed – using less water, salt and energy than ever before, making the HE range the most sustainable in its class.

“Installing Monarch Water’s cutting edge, sustainable water softeners when refurbishing, renovating or maintaining properties will improve water quality and cut running costs, while increasing the lifespan and reducing the likelihood of breakdowns” says Kevin Johnson, MD of Monarch Water and Technical Director of the UK Water Treatment Association. The introduction of the Ultimate Matrix to the market means that even more hard water homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits that a sustainable water softener offers.”

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