NEG Earth

NEG Earth is probably the leading, independent, British based live entertainment lighting and rigging hire company in the British live entertainments industry including feature events such as Glastonbury and most internationally famous solo Artistes and live rock bands – operating in the UK and internationally including the USA where they recently supported the Rolling Stones tour.

The company’s core philosophy is to deliver a “one stop” entertainment lighting and rigging service. They offer premium levels of support and value for money through the provision of skills and advice in project management, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance – together with the supply of crew for large scale music festivals, tours, ceremonies, sporting events, theatrical production and corporate events.

They are at the forefront of lighting technology and innovation and offer their Clients the most up to date, state of the art, lighting solutions available to meet their requirements. Consequently, no expense is spared in the acquisition of the latest lighting equipment technology.

The original building experienced a fire in the early hours of April 2015 which caused extensive damage to the warehouse and offices and as a result, the building had to be demolished.

This was devastating for NEG Earth but they quickly secured temporary premises and re stocked equipment.

The subsequent new building works were not completed to their satisfaction with the cladding system, incorrectly installed and incorrect fire specification.

Because of the previous fire and the closeness of adjacent buildings and proximity to the Grenfell building tragedy, being only approximately 2 miles away as the crow flies, the Client and Insurers were absolutely adamant that the building was re-clad to the highest fire standards requiring fire performance of 60 minutes insulation and 60 minutes integrity as per the through wall specification requirements.

Following discussions with NEG Earth and the Main Contractor, SPV, were appointed in early 2019 under a sub contract of almost £1.5 million to carry out the refurbishment of the building to the correct standards.

SPV’s remit was to strip the existing assembly down to the existing liner trays and reseal and re-fix correctly then re-fix the existing APL Tritherm sub-frame grid system incorporating Tritherm Helping Hand™ brackets utilising the inbuilt 24mm adjustment for correct line/level alignment for the new 7000m2 Architectural Profiles external AP45HR half round profiles laid horizontally.

Between the inner and outer skins SPV installed multi layer semi-rigid Flexislab stonewool insulation laid chequerboard joint and secured with special 80mm hexagonal washers at approximately 3 No per m2 per layer.

This was a most challenging project as the building remained in full occupation throughout.  With the value of equipment within the building totaling over £50 million, the project had to be completed in sections with the highest levels of security on a 24 hour basis – added to this were the difficulties of the general 14m eaves height with particular large studio areas where the ‘stage sets’ are pre-built being 20m high.

It was imperative that no disruption was caused to the business throughout the duration of the works. SPV fully delivered on this with no complaints received over the 9 months on site.

As is usual with London projects – space at the site was extremely limited and with a service road adjacent to the building, SPV had to arrange road closures and also undertake night work so there was minimal disruption to both the operation of the building and adjacent businesses.

There were no accidents throughout the duration of the project and health and safety was paramount throughout

The works were carefully planned and managed from the point of order working closely with the Client to ensure no issues arose.

A detailed pre contract meeting was held prior to works commencing to ensure programmes and health and safety were agreed from the outset.

The site foreman held daily meetings with the Client as well as weekly and monthly meetings with all relevant parties.

The SPV crane lorry visited site regularly to set up the contract, take down materials on a  just in time basis to ensure efficiency of the works and this also assisted with the limited storage space on site

The project completed ahead of schedule and all as per agreed budgets.

we also had great feedback from the client, main contractor and  manufacturer

The Client and manufacturer made a particular point to thank the team them for their considerable efforts and complementing them on the standard of work achieved and their cooperation in phasing the work to suit the Neg earth ongoing requirements of a busy and active business.

” Now the Neg Earth project is complete, I wanted to write and inform you how impressed I have been with your supervisor Shaun and your team of operatives throughout the project

As you and I Both know, it has not been the easiest of projects, not just because of the building being occupied but also due to the politics involved of the various parties. Shaun and the team have not only delivered a quality project but Shaun has very diplomatically managed the scheme.

I would also like to pass on my thanks to Paul, who without his assistance throughout the project I would have found even more challenging.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my gratitude to the team for their diligence and professionals throughout the project and hope we will work together in the future in less challenging circumstances “

Glen- Marbank construction 

“We thoroughly agree with the Clients comments and feel both Shaun and Paul should be complemented for their efforts on this job which is an extremely good reflection on the SPV business

Also Dean should be complimented on his supervision and his actual fixing and detail work which was done first class, particularity on the corners

Thank you to yourself and all at SPV for a very satisfied customer who now says his faith has been somewhat restored in the construction industry due to SPV’s efforts’- Architectural profiles