‘New Year, New Home’

A lot of people spend this time of year looking ahead and wanting to refresh their home but perhaps don’t have the money to commit to a full home refurb – this piece could look at offering top tips on how to give your home a ‘New Year’s lift’ using new colour/wall furnishings/decorative accessories/or simply rearranging furniture etc.

  1. Inject some colour

Whether you want to go bold or keep things neutral, there are clever ways you can use colour to give a room a total refresh, create the right mood and to even devise zones within multi-purpose or larger spaces. Block colour is the perfect way to spice things up in your interiors and once you’ve chosen the right colour for you, it’s then just about how you apply it; you can simply create one accent or feature wall, or use patterns and clever angles to devise sections.


  1. Accessorise in style

Sometimes it’s all in the smaller details. If you tend to shy away from re-painting or wallpapering and want to keep things simple whilst giving a room an uplift, focusing on the smaller accessories can still get you the new look you’re after. Pick out some new throws and cushions which complement one another and contrast well with your overall décor for the room. Adding or updating curtains and rugs can also really make a difference.


  1. Go green

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest of impacts. Adding plants and greenery to a room is not only good for wellbeing but is great for adding colour, texture and interesting shapes to a room. Large floor plants are great for positioning in corners of rooms or next to key pieces of furniture, and smaller plants can be the perfect finishing touch to any shelving or side-boards. And if you’re struggling for space, you can buy plant hangers which attach to the ceiling.

  1. Artwork

Picking the right artwork for a room can seem daunting but it’s a great way to inject your personality, add colour and interesting shapes, and can even become great talking pieces for a room. You can use the art to contrast well with your wall colours and the way you display the artwork can transform a wall – think about the types of frames and using different sizes to create a feature in itself.


  1. Rearrange and declutter

Who doesn’t need a good declutter in January? Not only can this be good for the mind but it can open up so much space in a room. Investing in clever storage solutions are a good way to keep the decluttered look going too! It can also be easy to grow tired of the way you’ve arranged furniture in a room, but often difficult to see past how it can work in another way – especially with smaller spaces. A good trick to go by is ‘radial balance’; simply put, radial balance is a circular shape with design extending from the centre. When it comes to interior design this means having items arranged around a centre point. This is a great way to focus the eye on a particular area in a room.


  1. Statement lighting

Lighting can control the ambience of a room and become a statement piece in itself. You can find a variety of beautiful floor lamps, side table lamps, wall lighting and ceiling lighting to give your room a new look. You can even look to refresh your current lighting with new lampshades to save buying new and doing any of the re-wiring work!


  1. Upcycle

Re-upholstering furniture is the perfect way to achieve a new look without buying new – especially if you have a piece of furniture with sentimental value. You can also look to re-paint wooden furniture and update older pieces by accessorising them; think new door knobs on cabinets, or adding plywood covers to doors etc.