Painting made easy with innovative new interior door

The practice of painting doors on site has been getting harder over the last few years.  A lack of skilled resource to carry out such finishing work is one factor, but also the spiralling labour and materials costs associated with this, not to mention the drain on time involved, all contribute to concerns for Housebuilders and Contractors throughout the industry.  Now a solution has been presented by leading interior timber door manufacturer Vicaima.  With the introduction of its innovative Primed 2 Go doors.

Painting doors just got easier with new Primed 2 Go from Vicaima. With its revolutionary new surface fi­nish, Primed 2 Go reduces time on site and saves money by removing the need to sand or prime the face of doors before painting. This development has been achieved with the addition of a specially formulated ultra-smooth and opaque polymer face.  The new surface means that even for less experienced painters, a professional fi­nish can be achieved more easily. Developed to accept a wide range of modern paints, and tested to EN ISO 2409/DIN 53151 – grade 0-1, the surface ensures excellent paint adhesion with the majority of commercially accepted paint systems, including water based applications.  The face surface of Primed 2 Go flush doors only require a wipe clean to remove particles and dust, before painting can commence, thereby saving both time and money on site during the installation process.

As a Vicaima product, Primed 2 Go is manufactured to the same high standard as all of their doors. Examples of which include: Hollow core doors with lock blocks on both sides making installation fully reversible and for performance applications Primed 2 Go doors are also available in both half-hour FD30 and one-hour FD60 fire rated. Both hollow core and FD30 doors have timber rails and are lipped on two edges, although these edges would of course require recommended treatment after fitting. Primed 2 Go doors are also available in both glazed options and with decorative grooves where desired, for added design flexibility.

Make life easy for yourself with Primed 2 Go:

  • Reduces site time and cost
  • Less materials required to complete fi­nishing
  • No face sanding required
  • Easier to achieve a professional ­surface finish
  • Ultra-smooth and opaque surface
  • New polymer face will accept wide range of paint types
  • Tested to EN ISO 2409/DIN 53151 – grade 0-1
  • All Primed 2 Go products are FSC® Certified

Download a brochure today or visit the Vicaima website  For further inspiration and trend-setting ideas from Vicaima.

Image: Vicaima Primed 2 Go


Image: Vicaima Primed 2 Go door in situ. Painted and with optional grooves.