Pump Technology Ltd. Help with Pump Equipment Requirements during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd. is currently open for business. This means that if you need a pump or pump system, they are still able to help to specify it or find a like-for-like replacement for a failed unit.

The company say that because of their “One Stop Pump Shop” ethos, they can still deliver the required pumps from their massive stocks of domestic, commercial, wastewater pumping, sewage or drainage pumps from all major manufacturers.

Jon Barker, MD at Pump Technology Ltd. says “Obviously, because of the current situation, we have had to change our working process. Thanks to our new, all bells and whistles, telephone system, we can now take advantage of features which enable some of our staff to work effectively and safely from home. From there they can coordinate with our key warehouse staff to ensure customers’ orders are promptly dispatched”.

“We are also at the front line ensuring that replacement pumps are readily available for all medical and National Health locations to keep them operating at full efficiency”.

For ongoing project specification, breakdown pump identification and replacements, the Pump Technology Ltd. team are helping to keep kitchen sinks flowing, showers draining, toilets flushing and pump stations pumping.

Chairman, Jeremy Brownlee says. “Our highly experienced, specialist team are here to answer all your pumping questions. Together we are working to help to maintain essential services and play our part in moving toward a successful recovery”.

For more information:
0118 9821 555