Refurbishment Trends

Laura Marino, founder of interior design practice Studio L, London

Refurbishment Trends 


1 – Candy Floss colours; “We still think you’ll be seeing a lot of pastels but mixed with slightly more saturated and (in instances) acidic hues, especially when we head towards spring and summer. Curved furniture will still be very big and especially attractive in colours such as mint green, acid or lemon yellows, dusty or hot pinks. Just imagine going into your favourite bakery or candy store – this trend is evocative of a simpler, more innocent time.”



2 – Old fashioned bedding; “We predict seeing a rise in handmade items, authentic looking bedding like crocheted blankets and afghans, eiderdowns, quilts, floral patterned sheets, coverlets and in general a more ‘folksy’ type of layering, reminiscent of when bedding was made for function rather than just decoration.”


3 – Dried flowers and grasses; “This is already trending but it hasn’t hit the tipping point yet. Again it’s a part of this whole ‘Cottagecore’, ‘granny chic’ vibe. People want their places to look homegrown and crafty to a degree – completely authentic. Natural elements and comforting textures remain very important to help people feel connected to something real but also nest in their home surroundings. It’s easy to do yourself as well which makes it particularly attractive.  Don’t be surprised to see wheatsheaf, dried pampas grasses, pussywillows, craspedia, pharlaus, largarus – you name it, in people’s homes.”


4 – Chenille; “While Boucle and coloured Boucle are still very popular, Chenille is on the rise as an alternative. It’s not just for your grandma’s sweater anymore! We’re seeing chenille in all sorts of textural variations and colourways to make it more modern and attractive to touch. ”


5 – Tile alternatives & sustainable surfaces; “To get that aged, tactile and comforting look of patina, I think we’ll be seeing more with paint and plaster techniques and ones that can also be used in wet spaces and are sustainable. Things like Béton Ciré, Tadelakt and marmorino.”


Advice for Refurbishments

  1. “Framing the view – While I don’t advise going out at all, if you can, get a paint delivery of samples (VOC free to avoid fumes), smaller head sponge brushes and wallpaper lining. Paint large samples on those and tape up on window and door architraves to see if you’d like to frame your view. If you can’t or don’t want to frame your view by decorating, you could add some off the shelf curtains you love from Anthropologie or the like. We always use window treatments to link and enhance the view outside.”
  2. “Use scent by burning candles, incense, cedar or other outdoorsy scents to help calm and soothe as nature does.”

    3. “Design cohesively and make the connections – Create electronic mood boards (use PPT, InDesign, Photoshop or the like). Just allow yourself to play and don’t judge it. Ask yourself questions about why you do and don’t like something until you refine your look and are ready to go.”