Retractable and Louvered Canopies from Shade Zone

The UK weather is known to be unpredictable from season to season and can make daily life a struggle. From heavy rain, to heatwaves, to heavy snow, creating an outdoor area suitable for the whole year round can be hard. With our retractable and louvered canopies, you’re able to create an affordable and attractive way to extend a home or business, perfect for any weather. Our canopies are a fantastic way to create a flexible outdoor area, with solutions tailored to meet individual client requirements.

The Camargue Louvered Canopy

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The stylish Camargue louvered blade canopy, with a fully waterproof roof, delivers an easy operation, and with silent working of the blades, you can realise the ideal incidence of light and ventilation in no time. When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof in normal showers. A gutter system drains the rainwater away towards the columns. These patented blades are designed in such a way that the water is drained off to the side if the blades open up after a rain shower. The sides can be provided with moveable wall elements that delivers extra protection.

With a maximum size of up to 6.2m x 4.5m, and with the option of coupling multiple modules, the Camargue canopy can cover any area required. The Camargue can be tailored to suit your projects requirements. The frame is available in any RAL colour. You can choose from a combination of motorised retractable screens, sliding glass doors or Loggia aluminium and wood sliding panels.

The Pergotex Retractable Canopy

The flexible Pergotex retractable canopy produces a great feeling of fresh air, all while providing protection against the wind, rain and UV rays. With its self-supporting design based on tried-and-tested technology, it even readily copes with strong winds. The PVC fabric, which opens and closes in a concertina motion, is waterproof when extended and fully open when retracted back.  For further personalisation on all of our canopies, we offer the option of LED lighting and heating to create the perfect atmosphere to unwind and relax, day or night.

The Pergotex is fully customisable, with a selection of fabric colours to choose from, and 56 frame colours, making the Pergotex effortlessly blend in with any surrounding. The maximum width / projection of the Pergotex is 7m x 6.5m. This elegant and extremely stable canopy is ideal for a home or business wanting to transform their outdoor area, even more so with optional LED lighting and heating.

A Recent Install

We work closely with our design and architect partners – assisting in incorporating your innovative concept into your plans, onto your site and through to the completed project. Here is one of our most recent installations of a 4.5m x 4.5m Camargue canopy in London. Like all our systems, the Camargue was made bespoke to fit the clients’ patio area perfectly and tailored to the clients’ needs. With their own outdoor BBQ area, this Camargue will be a great addition to their terrace. For this project we had to arrange for the Camargue’s blades, legs, screens and glass doors to be lifted on to the fifth floor.  As the client has a tiled roof top terrace we had to arrange the careful extraction of some tiles so that the electrical feed for the canopy could be installed without any wires showing. This Camargue has many different features, including LED lighting in the rotating blades and an infra-red heat beam which was powder coated to match the frame of the Camargue.
The Client opted for glass sliding panels and drop down fix screens to be added to two sides of this system.

If you desire a system that will act as a great transition from their home to the garden, a lean-to structure is a perfect addition. If they are looking more for an open, free-standing structure for over a seating area, outdoor kitchens or hot tub, we have a large range also. Fully bespoke to the clients’ needs, supplied in a range of standard RAL colours, we can provide a service that will achieve your clients’ dreams, whatever their preference.

We cover across the whole of the UK. For any enquiries or a free quotation, e-mail us at or call us at 01482 481050.

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