Save a floor. Save a forest

Did you know that an old floor does not always have to be replaced with a new one. In our experience, many floors can be fully restored and even improved on their original beauty.

How do we do this?

Old timber loses its natural beauty when it has not protected; it can fade by time and discoloured by ingrained dirt; it can get scuffed or damaged by spillages but – and here’s the good news – these defects are usually only skin deep. Skim a millimetre off the surface and you would be very surprised at what you find. But that’s not all. These days we can colour the wood, sand it to a sheen or wirebrush it to accentuate the grain and then hard wax or lacquer it for long term protection.

Woods are prone to rot but we can fix that, too. We remove the affected area and replace it virtually invisibly with new timber.

The fact is, your floor hasn’t had it until we have had a look at it. Call us, and we will do a free survey and tell you. If it turns out you do need a new floor, we will be honest with you and give you a floor that will be the envy of your neighbours – whether it is new or refurbished!

Here are four examples of the work we have done and the people we have done it for:

Residential new floor in Fulham

A new floor for Kate Spade, Regent Street

A refurbished floor in a Wimbledon home

A refurbished floor for Jaeger LeCoultre, Bond Street