Smart and sophisticated decking solutions with Trex composite

As homeowners across the country seek to make their gardens an extension of their homes, building a deck is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.  When it comes to picking the right decking though, it is important to choose a material that is built to last and will meet the homeowners desired look and feel.

Trex is the world’s number one brand of premium decking and railing. Made from 95% recycled materials, it is eco-friendly and guaranteed to look like new for decades.  Offering designers and homeowners alike the opportunity to create a truly unique and customised outdoor space, Trex Transcend composite decking combines a finish that resists stains, scratches and mould with a distinctive and natural-looking, wood-grain pattern in deep, saturated colours inspired by the great outdoors.

With its range of decking solutions and products, Trex offers homeowners and contractors the chance to make any garden look truly unique.


Using the CustomCurve decking solution, Trex boards can be bent to create dramatic shapes, sweeping curves and a harmonious flow to suit every space no matter the size or shape of the garden.  Gone are the days of simple square decks and basic slab patios, as Trex CustomCurve raises any outdoor living project into a work of art.


The Trex RainEscape drainage system offers homeowners the chance to maximise their outdoor living environments and create a useable space beneath an elevated deck.  Installed above the joists of the substructure, this innovative system drains water away from a deck and protects the area below from rain, sun, snowmelt and other elements.  As a result, homeowners gain bonus space for storage or an added living area.  With Trex RainEscape, homeowners can safely outfit the area under a deck.


Trex Enhance

Finally, new for 2019, the new Trex Enhance range provides trade professionals and homeowners with a high-performance, lower-cost deck board designed to compete more directly with timber.  Delivering the beauty of wood with the confidence of composite by combining premium aesthetics with superior durability and ultra-low maintenance – all at an attainable price point. The Enhance decking collection is part of Trex’s tiered decking line-up that allows contractors and homeowners to choose the perfect product for any project.

Unlike wood, composite decking resists fading and won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter, regardless of daily wear and tear.  The boards will even retain their good looks after years of wet British winters and summers.  For homeowners, this translates into greater satisfaction and increased ROI. For builders, they are great ways to earn more profit and over time.

Available in a variety of shades, there is one to suit every outdoor space.


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