Staircase restoration with StairBox

Home renovators and tradesmen a-like often fear the idea of restoring staircases. With concerns that costs will be high or a complete new staircase should be installed, many avoid the problem for as long as possible. More often than not, the staircases are repairable, with the knowledge of an industry expert, an old staircase can look as good as new in no time.

Director of StairBox, Alex Hancock recently provided the products and stair parts for the refurbishment of a large staircase which needed a complete overhaul, including the treads. Everything was made completely bespoke to fit the existing structure, so the customer was able to avoid having to replace the entire staircase.

He commented: “If the treads on a staircase are completely rotten, we would always recommend to the customer they just replace them. Fortunately, with this one, a full evaluation of the structure was carried out and they could be repaired. So we worked with the customer to ensure all of the parts were made to measure to fit perfectly over the existing staircase.

“For this project the customer modernised the entrance and brightened up the room by using glass to allow more light in. The task included trimming each individual face of the newel cladding kit so it could be fitted over the existing treads.

“The balustrade was removed and we cut the new string cladding and so the customer could easily fit the part to the existing stairs. Newel cladding and caps were clamped into place around the posts before the handrail and baserail were fixed into place.

“To complete the staircase and to create a perfect finish, oak mouldings were used to tidy up the joints and a lacquer was used to finish the oak. Finally, the glass was measured up using the GlassBuilder tool on the website which completed the stunning redesign.”

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