Stonehealth are well known for supplying innovative masonry cleaning systems and products to the Restoration and Conservation Trades. Architects and other specifiers regularly rely on Stonehealth’s list of trained and approved contractors both nationally and increasingly abroad.

It was 35 years ago that Brian Crowe Introduced a gentle carbon removing machine known as “Jos” to the UK. In a time when aggressive cleaning methods caused damage resulting in accelerated masonry decay. This was normally initiated by the heavy use of air tools, chemicals, high pressure water, saturation and scrubbing, sandblasting and all being used by untrained operatives.

Because of the damage, that some of these methods were causing It became normal for some authorities not to approve cleaning. Chemicals, high pressure water and sandblasting do not only cause damage, but some will also create health hazards to the operators and harm the environment.

It is necessary to remove carbon deposits from masonry due to the lack of permeability. Moisture within stone containing salts will cause damage if restricted, particularly when the stone expands and contracts when temperatures are below freezing. Clean masonry with unblocked pores allows moisture to be released in the form vapour.

The TORC system, launched in 1990 was a further development and improved method using a swirling vortex compared with the original Jos system. It has since been continuously developed and much improved even when compared with earlier versions by not needing a power a supply, reducing the amounts of water being used, and significantly improved effectiveness. Replacement parts which are not regularly needed are available when required together with many types and sizes of interchangeable nozzles.

The partner to TORC is the Doff system which creates superheated water (150 degrees centigrade at the nozzle) and is effective at removing Acrylic & other flexible paints, bitumastic coatings, biological growth and other unwanted matter from stone and most other types of masonry. We recommend Doff to start when cleaning or removing paints, and if any Brittle coatings remain. such as limewash, cement or carbon these can then be removed with TORC.

Stonehealth continue to work with various conservation and restoration companies and in advising architects and surveyors on various projects.

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