Take It Outside: Time For External Repairs

The original and still the best, Magicman supply on-site sustainable repair and refurbishment technicians who deliver on time, every time. Known throughout the building industry for the quality of our technicians and their work, we repair damage such as chips, cracks, holes, burns, splits, scratches and stains to any hard surface including glass. We are the experts at restoring wood, laminate, stone, brick, marble, uPVC, granite, vitreous china, porcelain, powder-coated surfaces and much more. We match colours, grain and patterns perfectly to give seamless results.

Our repairs and snagging is second to none and we work with customers to help meet deadlines and handover dates. Repairing in-situ saves time and money and is the sustainable option compared to sourcing and fitting replacement items. In fact many of our repaired items can be safely back in use within hours.

As we now firmly within British Summer Time, our customers often focus on working through external repairs and snagging while the weather is on our side. Doors and windows, frames and cills, stone and brick work are amongst the most common repairs we offer. Creating a list of multiple works that can be carried out by a small team or over several days produces further savings. Ask about discounts for multi-technician and multi-day bookings. Your sales representative is Mark Dromey.

Fully certified with every commercial accreditation. Comprehensively insured, monitored and audited. Available nationwide as single technicians or teams. Is it any wonder that over 300 companies and organisations trust and rely on us?

Sales: 07701 009461
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