The Folding Sliding Door Company GlassIIEdge™ Glazing System – CHANGING THE FACE OF THINGS TO COME

Established in 2001, The Folding Sliding Door Company is an independently owned and operated business specialising in the design, manufacture, Installation and distribution of folding sliding doors for commercial & domestic properties worldwide, and it still remains a world leading supplier of made-to-measure bi-fold doors today.

A company with a philosophy to enhance lifestyle choices and experiences as done exactly that with the launch of its latest innovative glazing series, one that fits perfectly with todays modern living, simple aesthetics and sleek touch screen finishes. And true to its roots, it kicks it all off in Spring 2019 with the launch of the World’s ONLY flush glazed bi-fold door.

Using patented technology ‘GlassIIEdge™ Glazing System’ (developed in-house over the last 3 years), and expertise in the design & development of glazing and door systems The Folding Sliding Door Company can also offer the complete suite of glazed products. Available in single doors, bi-folding doors, sliding / stacking / french doors, garage doors, casement windows, vertical windows, curtain walls, store fronts and much more.

The applications and market sectors are almost endless too – whether it’s a modern new build, renovation project, period property, leisure or commercial use, large or small installation, it remains sympathetic and transforms any installation, whilst adding a touch of class!

Maximise useable space to the full potential, integrate areas, increase light and ventilation with a bi-folding door installation and simply marry the look through with the rest of the product range.

Not only do these products look and feel great to use but they also have the ‘technology’ behind it (well between it) to perform well, to stand up to the stringent thermal, weather and security standards required today.

Available in 65mm or 55mm profiles you can build the most thermally efficient home engineered from 2, 3 or 4 layers of high impact insulated glass whilst providing a contemporary, sleek and modern design whilst remaining thermally efficient and weather resistant.

Each product is manufactured with Glass2Edge flush glazing to both the internal and external faces with all the mechanics neatly hidden within, producing clean lines and a truly flush finish.

Maintenance free, superior acoustics and performance & great looks and an almost indefinite colour palette. The ultimate solution for any project where aesthetic is key, but so is the performance.

For further information please contact The Folding Sliding Door Company on or chat to one of our Business Development Managers on 0345 6464646.

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