The latest architectural lighting brochure from LABRA has arrived!

LABRA is a family-owned Polish manufacturer of architectural and technical lighting. We are open to people, ideas and creative solutions, and we believe that good relationships are the foundation of growth, success and good energy.

Bringing you light every day, we believe that conscious and creative solutions are essential steps to improving the quality of our lives, and we are helped by our idea of “light thinking”, which combines the awareness of using appropriate solutions and materials that are both good for us and the environment we live in.

By designing and manufacturing fixtures in Poland we continue to pursue one of our companies most important principles, the need to source and produce locally, which follows the principles of a circular economy.

Our product design follows closely the principles of a circular economy. Our products are made to order and as such design out waste.  Our creations are also serviceable, meaning they can be maintained and repaired to extend their lifecycle beyond their original purpose.

FW Lighting represents the lighting collective, a group of family-owned European manufacturers that provide professional lighting, mirrors and wiring accessories.

The collective takes a coordinated approach to the production of custom production by bringing together leading producers from across Europe.  This multifaceted collaboration and approach of bringing together different styles, capabilities and experiences allows us to meet the needs of all our core clients; architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers.

As a group we offer contract quality architectural lighting, decorative lighting and illuminated mirrors, home automation systems and wiring accessories.

Our core markets include hotels, restaurants and bars, high-end residential, cruise ships and commercial workspaces.

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