Transform Your Spare Room with a StudyBed this Spring!

If you are like most homeowners you would love to have a little extra space in your home, whether that be more storage in your kitchen, a few more square feet in your living room or perhaps your spare bedroom feels cluttered and would benefit from being just a bit bigger. These days there are many clever solutions and space-saving ideas out there that really could make a difference to your home. One of those is the ingenious StudyBed.

A StudyBed is an innovative dual-purpose piece of furniture that combines a huge desk and a normal bed all within the same compact footprint. It easily converts from a desk to a bed in just 3 seconds – there is no need to remove anything from the desk or the bed.

If your spare room serves multiple purposes – as a work space, storage area, and a guest bedroom – then a StudyBed could be exactly what you are looking for! The space-saving design means that there is no ‘dead space’ – the bed is totally hidden when in desk mode and the desk sits neatly underneath the bed when in bed mode resulting in significantly more usable floor space and improved functionality of the room. The matching under-desk units and top box available provide in-built storage too making the most the often under-utilized vertical space.

A StudyBed creates a truly flexible living space allowing even a small room to become a functional home office AND a comfortable guest bedroom at the same time. A spring clean and tidy up can help to rejuvenate a room but the right furniture can really transform it!

With over 7,000 units sold, StudyBeds have transformed many spare rooms into highly functional spaces:

The wonderful StudyBed has changed our small untidy, cluttered spare room into a superior office/studio/bedroom which in moments can change into whichever you require. Worth every penny. We love it.” ST, Devon.

No amount of advertising can do this product justice. It is fantastic, the space we now have is great and the storage top box holds so much that I hardly recognise the room anymore… it’s so tidy!” CC, Glasgow.

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