Vicaima unveils the trends that will shape the interior design sector in 2022, reinforcing the importance of the personalisation factor in each project.  

The beginning of another year symbolises the closing of cycles and the beginning of others, making room for growth, change and progress. 2022 invites us to open doors and appreciate the light and Nature that surrounds us, bringing fragments of these elements into the interior, without neglecting the importance of imagination and resilience that characterised last year’s trends. Vicaima shares the innovations that will dominate the interior design sector throughout 2022, demonstrating that it is possible to follow trends and integrate them into different projects in a customised way.

 Nature is transported into the interior

A trend originating in 2021, the incorporation of natural elements in decoration will gain even more prominence this year, being present in colour palettes, textures and decorative elements. Nature-inspired materials and textures create holistic and relaxing environments that promote well-being.

For those that love the visual effect of wood and want to break free from the limitations of the species or shade, the Naturdor® Vision range of finishes is an excellent option, as it brings together wood veneer and the use of technology, allowing you to explore new dimensions of tone and design. Vicaima‘s Naturdor® Stained Extra finishes also present innovative possibilities for interior projects, through the use of natural wood veneer with striped veining, available in various tones.  Wooden panels will also be protagonists as they bring the warmth and comfort of Nature into interior spaces, being particularly trendy in Hospitality projects, where the creation of cosy environments is a must.

Multifunctional and minimalist spaces

In these past couple of years, society was forced to rediscover spaces, making them multi-purpose. In 2022, professionals in the sector will be challenged to design multifunctional rooms, not out of necessity, but because there has been an adaptation of lifestyles. Minimalism has never been so present, showing that little can become much. For the new generation that favours simplicity without neglecting the design component, the “EX70” door collection from Vicaima‘s Exclusive line may be the ideal choice. This collection stands out for its elegant design and geometric patterns and is available in 5 contemporary models that create a dramatic and luxurious style in any environment.

Very Peri is Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022 is Very Peri, a violet shade that combines the constancy of blue with the energy of red. The shade chosen for next year also symbolises a new stage, as for the first time Pantone created a brand-new colour instead of choosing an existing one. The tone integrates in perfect harmony within the huge palette of Vicaima‘s Naturdor, Dekordor and Lacdor range of finishes, capable of giving subtlety to the spaces that include this new fashionable tone.

Conscious Sustainability is essential

The theme of Sustainability remains firmly on the media’s agenda, due to the fact that it is increasingly relevant for the current generation of consumers. The responsible use of raw materials is a growing concern, especially with increased exposure to climate change, influencing the way in which we buy and produce.

In 2022, the production and use of raw materials obtained in an environmentally responsible way will be in the spotlight. This together with product durability being another major customer concern.

Vicaima, as an environmentally conscious manufacturer, promotes the use of technologies and raw materials that minimise environmental impact. All of Vicaima’s products are available with FSC® certification, an entity which ensures that the raw materials come from responsibly managed forests. Vicaima also makes sure that wood waste resulting from production is reused and recycled.

Vicaima, national leader and one of the biggest European players in the production of avant-garde solutions for interior and technical doors, wardrobes, panels and furniture pieces, works continuously to bring innovation and respond to the 2022 trends and market demands with distinctive, modern and elegant solutions. The mission to be constantly at the forefront of design remains, along with the search for increasingly sustainable solutions that mirror a robust environmental responsibility.

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