Wentz Furniture Studio

Wentz is a Brazilian brand of furniture, lighting, and accessories that through its pieces seeks to bring naturalness to living, with harmonious and sensory simplicities. With a contemporary aesthetic with tropical vibes, they present a new perspective on living, where each piece conveys a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.

Designed by the architect Marina Miot from Rio Grande do Sul, the restoration project of an original industrial pavilion from the 1940s in the city of Caxias do Sul was conceived to house the new headquarters of Wentz.

The pre-existing architecture was preserved and the original walls and facades of the building were maintained.

Inside the space, large white volumes and glass walls were created for better division, fluidity, and total use of natural light, transcending the boundaries between external and internal, reducing excesses, and connecting the space to the contemporary essence of the brand – silent, natural, simple, and casual.

All pre-existing walls were preserved and a glass volume in the center of the space was created to house the workstations for the team. A large gypsum curve is responsible for connecting the spaces that were distributed fluidly to meet a diverse needs program consisting of stock, assembly, offices, creative room, and showroom.

The trusses supporting the roof of the existing building were also preserved and indirect lighting was designed to enhance this characteristic pre-existence of the industrial pavilion.

In the showroom area, the most iconic products of the brand are displayed, and the large windows allow natural light to enter and integrate with nature in order to enhance the exhibited furniture.