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Graham Lindsay, Founder of Weru UK Network Discusses Investing in High-Quality Profiles and Systems.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in homeowners choosing to renovate their properties, rather than relocating to a new home.

When talking to my customers, I have noticed a surge in the ‘improve rather than move’ mentality, illustrating that customers are seeking high-quality profiles and systems to enhance their properties, ultimately investing more heavily in their current homes.

Because of this, I find it’s really important to ensure that our customers know the long-term benefits that premium profiles and systems can provide, so an informed decision can be made to future proof their homes, and get the best system to suit their exact requirements.

U-Value is no longer an afterthought for homeowners, with many actively seeking the lowest possible value for their windows. Typically, generic modern, double gazing holds a value of <1.6 Wmk2, whilst the value of the latest innovative profiles are remarkably lower at <0.7Wmk2. This significant improvement appeals to cost-savvy customers, as maintaining an energy efficient home is vital when trying to keep energy bills to a minimum. An increase in the environmentally conscious individual has also affected the demand for the best thermal insulation characteristics. Profiles, therefore, need to be designed with this in mind, to create an exceptional living experience for the customer, whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

In many cases, window hardware is often overlooked, with a higher focus being placed on the glass itself. However, we are starting to see that built into most of the latest, innovative designs are various burglary deterrent features, with resistance class 2 tilt hardware and security corner transmission hardware becoming standard. This advancement in technology is becoming a staple with homeowners and UK architects, as the remarkable strength and durability provide a greater level of burglary deterrent, ensuring ultimate protection for the home.

A priority on the majority of homeowners’ minds is creating stand out kerb appeal, with many homeowners opting to express their personality through the design of their windows. Using the latest Uni colours, the ability to create a unique and eye-catching property facade is possible. As demand has risen, various designs have emerged, including attractive wood-effect which has been well received by UK architects as it creates the perfect aesthetic for new-build or renovation projects.

Here at Weru UK, we have made it our goal to achieve a whole family of systems, maximising the full benefits of triple glazing within the latest GFP fibre composites and PVCu frame profiles. When supporting customers seeking a long-lasting product, AFINO-tec always exceeds expectations. The system, specifically designed for Weru, is an innovative blend of uPVC and fibreglass to create the innovative material, RAuFipro. This high-tech GFP composite produces a system 2x stronger than UPVC and Pycu, making it an ideal alternative to aluminium. By reinforcing high-tech material and load-bearing components into the frame, the system surpasses other windows by means of its enduring dimensional stability and impressive resistance force.

The AFINO-tec system has load-bearing hardware components screwed into the steel at several points, ensuring enduring functionality and long service life of the window. This steel reinforcement, paired with the GFP high-tech material in the sash, will guarantee outstanding stability and torsional rigidity. For the customer this reinforcement means it is possible for exceptionally large windows to be installed, allowing up to 30% more daylight to enter the home. I have found that these window elements that allow a high degree of light transmission and passiv solar gain are becoming increasingly popular, with both homeowners, housebuilders and architects in the UK.

The state-of-the-art technology, found in the AFINO-tec system is developed with the homeowner in mind, to ensure the system provides added value to everyday life. Our AFINO-tec premium windows provide the flexible combination of outstanding energy efficiency, burglary protection and stunning aesthetics. This system provides the ultimate solution for future proofing the homes that customers are now choosing to invest in, more than ever before.

Established 34 years ago, Weru UK is located at an 8000 sq ft UK head office at Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool.

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