What you want it to look like, the size you need it to be and a price you can afford

Our JK Designer Builds system gives us the ability to offer ultimate flexibility to every build providing a bespoke build tailored to your dream.  We use environmentally friendly sustainable materials, not least because our patented building system does not require expensive and environmentally unfriendly concrete slabs.

The patented joint system allows our buildings to comply with the Caravan Acts, though Top Gear won’t be towing one up the M1 any time soon!  As a practical benefit, planning permission is not required for our buildings. The sizes available range from – so far – 0.9 sq metres to 54 sq metres. Shapes available are triangles, pentagons and boring old squares and oblongs.

Each build is made to fit the space you have available. The JK Designer Builds timber frame building is a stylish focal point for entertaining your friends and family but can also double up as a simple single-skinned workshop or a fully insulated and lined office, gym or summerhouse.

Our builds can come with electric and insulation packs (up to 150mm of insulation) which make the buildings available for all year round use.

We are one of the few companies that offer the ability to start the build within 4 weeks once the design is agreed.  Without the need for concrete foundations and those tedious hurdles of planning permission you can be enjoying you stunning new building in the summer.

Reducing the costs saves you money, with finance options available to spread the load and allow you to enjoy the prospective localised summer holidays sooner.


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