When you need to talk… Safely

The current necessity for virus protection is why the Melaphone® Speech Unit is enjoying massive renewed success. Its unique design eliminates the muffled sound of speech through a screen and blocks air flow by 100%. Its simple design allows for safe communication between staff and customers without the hinderance of thick glass or acrylic to shout through. It also acts a focal point for customers or staff to speak into so minimising exposure to harmful pathogens.

Melaphone® speech units are used all over the world in public areas, buses, receptions and other busy traffic areas. Completely air-sealed and certified to ISO 14644-1 Class 5, it is specified by architects and designers for hospitals, laboratories, front receptions and cleanrooms. This simple but ingenious invention requires no servicing, no electricity and is very easy to keep clean. Melaphone® is always there ready to protect as it has no electrical or moving parts.

The Melaphone® is also built into our Defender Virus Screens which the company has supplied to hundreds of UK doctors’ surgeries, receptions and medical centres, and pharmacies. Screens are made to the highest quality, providing hygienic, sleek and permanent protection in any environment.

As a stand-alone unit the Melaphone® can be easily retro-fitted to existing acrylic screens. It is available from stock in the original brushed aluminium, in stainless steel, in white powder-coated aluminium and now in HiMacs acrylic-resin – our most popular model.

All ‘MADE IN THE UK’ – by us in London and now being used for safe communication in the AstraZeneca factory.

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