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We offer a wide collection of paint spraying equipment, ranging from airless to HVLP to airless-air-assisted. Pumps, turbines, spray guns, spray machines, extension poles, pressure pots and more are all available online or in-store for competitive prices. Top quality brands such as Apollo, TriTech, Graco, Airlessco, IBK, Durr, Berizzi, Rich Star etc ready for you to pick up and spray.

What this means ?

This means whether you are

  • Spraying walls/ceilings
  • Spraying plaster
  • praying furniture / Kitchens
  • Spraying 2 pack
  • Spraying intumescent

Then we can not only supply the machine but also the knowledge/support to keep you going. Whatever your project may be we have the solution for you!

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Our website is

01509 237415