New country colours from earthborn

A new partnership with Country Homes & Interiors magazine brings you a beautiful collection of modern country colours, designed to work in harmony with the Classic Earthborn palette or as standalone shades, helping create the perfect backdrop to any home.

The 12 new Country Homes & Interiors colours


Earthborn is an independent, family owned company which committed nearly 20 years ago to providing a range of paints that are less harmful to the environment. Earthborn paints are healthier to use and better for the fabric of the building, offering a distinctive, mellow colour palette with a finish of the highest quality.

In this new range, created in partnership with Country Homes & Interiors magazine, colours range from versatile pastels, through easy going mid-tones, to the deepest shades including Nutkin, Puddling and Yew Maze.

Winter Garden’ and ‘Puddling’ are natural choices for a modern country kitchen

Paint has the unique ability to transform a space or a piece of furniture quickly and easily. But after years of white, beige and grey, it can be easy to forget just how impactful a dose of colour is!

The joy of a daring and bold paint shade is that it can be used in full to dramatic effect or in small doses as a welcome contrast to quieter tones – a perfect way to transform our homes and uplift our mood.

Bold paint shades in the new range

Bold colours needn’t feel overwhelming. In fact all the colours in this new collection have been designed to carry subtle undertones that flatter and enhance a space. As Editor of Country Homes & Interiors Andrea Childs explains: ‘This is our edit of modern feature colours… Many of them are bold statement-makers, but they all have a softness that makes them easy on the eye and easy to coordinate.’


So whether you’re searching for the perfect feature wall colour, or perhaps there’s a piece of furniture that’s crying out for a bold update, take a look at these new shades.

Spring Bouquet moodboard shows off fresh spring colours.


At the softer end of the scale, there is a palette of four colours ‘Spring Bouquet’ which make the perfect backdrop to a calm and romantic style of décor. Decorating a room using fresh, spring colours is a great way to bring the light in. Pastel shades inspired by floral tones will help to set a welcoming, cheerful tone

In this new collection dusky undertones soften even the brightest hues, to create a highly versatile palette that’s at home in any modern country interior.

To see the 12 new colours in more detail, download the beautiful new digital booklet here You can also request your free colour card on the Earthborn website here.

The new Modern Country Colours are available in all Earthborn finishes and sizes, including 100ml tester pots. They can be purchased from Earthborn’s online shop or via any of its stockists.