Benif Interior Film on the menu at Carluccio’s

The well-known Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s, founded by the late, charismatic chef Antonio Carluccio in 1999 has over 70 restaurants in the UK.

As part of the company’s environmental policy to refurbish equipment rather than replace it where possible, Benifi Interior Film from David Clouting was seen as the perfect solution to refurbish the surfaces of a number of under counter fittings such as chill cabinets and storage units whose surfaces had, over time, become scratched and worn but the equipment was still perfectly functional.

Benif Interior Film, manufactured by LG Hausys, is a self-adhesive, architectural film that can be quickly and easily applied to most interior surfaces.

For this project specialist contractors Distinct Decorators used a Benif solid graphite Interior Film to cover the surfaces, the results which were achieved without any major operational disruption to the business, were both visually pleasing and practical thanks to the Benif’s low maintenance requirements and longevity of performance.

With over 400 Benif designs and finishes to choose from, walls, doors, paneling, skirting and architrave can be quickly refurbished without the need for costly replacements.

Benif Interior Film is CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence for a wide range of applications.